Hello! I’m Jonathan Davis

A freelance graphic designer specializing in web, print, icon design, based in London. I love to turn ideas into beautiful things.

A Little About Me

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My Skills

  • Photoshop

  • Final Cut

  • Studio Photography

  • Motion Video






Movies Watched



My Latest Works

Awesome works prepared with creative ideas and great design

What My Customers Say

Fantastic lesson! Fantastic instructor! I’ve been so happy with Julian’s progress. The level cards really helped him push his abilities. His instructor told me that when he asked Julian if he was happy with his progress, he said yes but that he needed to complete the next level now! I was so pleased to hear Julian’s determination to improve and push his abilities. The lesson cards are a brilliant idea and it’s great to be able to have something to take home at the end of the lesson to show the progress that is being made. It’s been great for Julian’s confidence and he is having lots of fun in his lesson. We both can’t wait until his next one.

Stephania -

I booked my friend Sarah and I a joint lesson, and we had such a fab time! We were complete novices before our lesson. Now we’re both feeling comfortable on our boards and have been getting out to the park for our weekly skate together. Lots and lots of fun. Thanks Skates and Ladders!

Rachael -

Super friendly and reliable service. My son is quite shy and for him it can be quite intimidating to go to the skatepark with all the big boys; but his instructor really helped him to start skateboarding confidently. Not only is he now riding comfortably on his skateboard, but his general confidence has improved greatly. Thanks guys!

Patricia -

Since booking lessons with Skates and Ladders, I now feel confident on my Longboard and I have also began to start getting comfortable with doing a few tricks too. It’s also been great having them come near me, as I don’t have any skateparks in my area I was worried they wouldn’t teach near me, but fortunately they were able to come to teach at the local park which had a nice smooth flat ground.

Leo -

Get in Touch

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